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#1 IT-CLUSTER in Europe

Exceeding a count of 1,000 members, CyberForum e.V is the largest regionally active Hightech.Business.Network in Europe and honored as the best IT cluster in Europe.

#4 in ICT Study

The ICT study of the EU Commission places Karlsruhe fourth – directly behind Munich, London, and Paris. With over 4,200 IT companies this top result is no surprise but much appreciated.

25 R&D Institutions

Karlsruhe hosts 25 research and development institutions. The best-known is Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) – one of the largest research institutions worldwide.

42,000 Students

About 42,000 students are currently enrolled in Karlsruhe´s ten colleges and universities – about 60% at KIT and about 20% chose the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA).

The location Karlsruhe

Digital Events and News from Karlsruhe

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karlsruhe.digital5 hours ago
GO @kitscesports 🥳 Karlsruhe ist zum 6. Mal deutscher Hochschulmeister! Die beiden dominantesten League of...
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karlsruhe.digital5 hours ago
Die letzten 2 Tage war @messekarlsruhe Gastgeber der Apply & Innovate 2022. Im Konzerthaus fand...

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